Roof Repair Colorado Springs

Everybody talks about roof repair in Colorado Springs after a damaging storm! We’ve all heard the warnings about unscrupulous contractors who come to the city after a storm and leave before homeowners can be sure the repairs were done correctly. Be careful when you hire!

Even a legitimate contractor from another region may not be familiar with our local codes and requirements, costing the homeowner a lot of trouble and money when the noncompliant work is discovered. Even worse, an illegitimate contractor may not be licensed or insured, putting the homeowner at risk for damage claims.

C&C Roofing and Exteriors is a Colorado Springs Company

C&C Roofing and Exteriors is registered, licensed and insured right here in Colorado Springs. We are a family business that has been here for 20 years and we value our good reputation in our community.

We have thousands of satisfied customers in El Paso county and the surrounding area. Our clients can rest assured that we are familiar with all of the state and local requirements for roof repairs in Colorado Springs and that we will still be in town if they want to contact us again.

High-Quality Roof Repair

Your roof may need shingles replaced, missing flashing installed, leaks repaired or something else. You may even need a new roof! Whatever your roof needs, we save you time by working directly with your insurance company and making sure the job is done right.

We offer a free inspection and estimate for the needed work. Our experienced roofers use the right materials for the job and high-quality products to repair your roof, and they do the job in a skilled, professional manner that will stand up against the extremes of our Colorado weather.

Don’t let poorly done or incomplete roof repairs put your biggest investment, your home, at risk. Call us today for a free inspection and let us make sure your roof is the protective system it was meant to be.

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