Exterior Home Repair

What do you see when you walk around the outside of your house? Does it need something repaired?

As homes age, exterior home repair becomes part of the homeowner’s life. The paint may fade or chip, the gutters may work loose and even the windows may be damaged over time. Without regular maintenance, the elements continue to work on the damage, allowing water, insects and even animals into the home.

Don’t let this happen to your biggest financial investment! Regular attention to exterior home repair saves you money in the long run.

C&C Roofing and Exteriors Knows Exterior Home Repair in Colorado Springs

C&C Roofing and Exteriors, a locally owned Colorado Springs company, helps you keep your home in good repair. As Colorado Springs natives, we are familiar with the extremes of our high desert weather and know what professional techniques, materials and products work the best and last the longest in our dry air, winter storms and summer hail.

We are licensed with the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department and can work on large projects that require permits. Since we’ve been in business for 20 years, we know all about the local laws and codes relevant to your repair.

Local Business, Local Workmanship

If you see a problem that needs repair on your home, we can fix it.

  •  Damage to roof shingles or flashing
  •  Exterior painting
  •  Loose gutters and downspouts
  •  Damaged stucco
  •  Replacement windows
  •  Skylight replacement

We fix the problem and, unlike storm-chaser companies that only want to work on your home after a storm, we live and work in Colorado Springs and we’ll be here if you need us again.

We know how important your Colorado Springs home is to you and we partner with you to keep it in the best condition. Contact us for a free estimate today and let’s get those problems fixed!

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